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Manchester city centre and south Manchester



Phone: 07443 523740



Email: marysullivancounselling@hotmail.com




What’s the counselling like?


I aim to listen very carefully, understand your world as accurately as possible and accept how you feel. Together we will work to understand what is happening for you and what changes you might make.  


In each session, you decide what you would like to talk about, and one individual session may be quite different from another. A session may be calm or a rollercoaster, challenging and reinforcing. At all times, I aim to provide a supportive, interested, accepting space in which to  look at whatever you bring. I will not offer advice or set 'homework', but my experience and training will be there for you in the room.


I appreciate that many clients have limited or no previous experiences of counselling, and take this into account in the sessions.



Here is Carl Rogers (who created this form of person-centred counselling), describing it:






What's the first session like? 


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Client testimonial:


"Mary really helped me to unpick a lot of stuff, even the things I knew were there and didn't want to look at.... I  have been able to make some long overdue positive changes because of that".

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